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Martin Terre Blanche

This is a diary of my involvement in a project on collaborative learning in the psychology department at the University of South Africa. Most recent posts below and links to previous posts on the left.

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Their blurb: "A completely new way of publishing educational materials. It addresses instructors' most common complaints about commercial textbooks by providing a permanent library of freely shared classroom texts. Instead of settling for one or more commercially published texts for students to purchase, instructors can select precisely the materials they want and either post them directly to a class Web site, or have their students download them from Commontext, at no charge. Commontext materials can even be bound and duplicated by a campus copy shop and distributed to students simply for the price of printing."

Commontext does not have any texts yet, but there should be some by mid-2003. Texts are to be peer reviewed by volunteer reviewers, which could be a bottleneck given how much non-paid reviewing and examining work many academics already have to do. There is talk on the site of funding various aspects of the operation from grants and this could conceivably include paying reviewers and editors. The main mover behind the site is Dave Munger who has extensive experience in the commercial academic publishing world, so I am very hopeful that this venture will come off.

posted by Martin on Friday, March 14, 2003