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This is a diary of my involvement in a project on collaborative learning in the psychology department at the University of South Africa. Most recent posts below and links to previous posts on the left.

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5th Annual Conference on World Wide Web Applications (WWW2003)

10 to 12 September 2003 University of Durban-Westville Campus. Proposals to by 30 April 2003. Full papers by 15 August 2003. One of the themes is e-learning. More info at OR

posted by Martin on Friday, March 07, 2003
Open Content

Finally got started on reading the article by Keats about how African universities could create teaching materials following the open source software model. He focusses on content, i.e. the sort of stuff that goes into textbooks and lecture notes, rather than on learning processes and systems. I like his suggestion that content could be developed collaboratively among institutions (and licenced using the Open Publication License), but wonder if content is really the bottleneck. I also wonder if the learning is not as much in creating the content (which both teachers and learners could do together) as in being able to passively "access" the content. However, only half-way into it, so will keep an open mind. Two great links from the article: The Open Content List ("a site and mailing list covering the field of Open Content: emerging models of collaboratively-built content, from weblogs to user-run encyclopedias to free media databases") and the Open Content Network a peer-to-peer free content delivery network...

posted by Martin on Thursday, March 06, 2003
Collaborative learning as the answer to everything

Just as I thought I might be getting too extreme about this collaborative learning thing, I came across this really interesting proposal by Keats on using the open source software movement as a model for collaboratively developing open educational content for African universities. Is there anything this thang is not good for? (By the way, for background on the open source movement, read Siemens' article about its history and philosophy.)

posted by Martin on Wednesday, March 05, 2003
International Conference on Collaboration and Sharing of Knowledge

At the University of South Africa, 30 and 31 July 2003. More info from

posted by Martin on Tuesday, March 04, 2003