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This is a diary of my involvement in a project on collaborative learning in the psychology department at the University of South Africa. Most recent posts below and links to previous posts on the left.

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Blogging goes mainstream

The big news among bloggers is that Google bought Pyra, the company that owns Blogger. Here is the inside story from Evan Williams, founder of Pyra. Although people are (rightly) sceptical about take-overs and mergers, most bloggers seem to see this as a good thing. I agree. If blogging is to go mainstream, rather let it be via Google than the Microsofts of this world. As Dan Gilmor puts it:
"More than most Web companies, Google has grasped the distributed nature of the online world, and has seen that the real power of cyberspace is in what we create collectively. We are beginning to see that power brought to bear."

posted by Martin on Tuesday, February 18, 2003
As part of a module on web authoring MA students in the Unisa research psychology course (aka knowledge2go) have to set up and maintain a blog during 2003. The first four (of about 10) blogs are up and ready to go -


posted by Martin on Monday, February 17, 2003